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Welcome to Holistic Apologetics!

This is a blog meant to bolster the Church and advance the Kingdom of God through an apologetic focused on both the head and heart.

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The False Dichotomy

In this post, I discuss the false dichotomy, a kind of logical trap that argues falsely that there are only two options.

Begging the Question

In this post, I discuss begging the question or arguing in a circle. What happens when we assume what we try to prove? Enjoy!

The Red Herring

In this post, I discuss the red herring fallacy, which attempts to distract us from the argument or discussion at hand. Enjoy!

Discovering Ravi's Sin

In this post, I reflect on the recent release of a report detailing the allegations of sexual sin against Ravi Zacharias.

Kevin Watson

Feel free to send me any messages with questions and comments on what you think of the blog, and thank you for your interest in Holistic Apologetics!

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